Leadership in Digital Marketing

Over ten years ago I felt this calling towards digital marketing. Back in the early days of social media, YouTube, and smartphones, I fell in love with this industry and found it irrestistible. These new tools and platforms gave power to everyone. We could all go out and make whatever we wanted, with only ourselves to stop us.

I'm a firm believer that anyone is capable of anything. You, me, or anyone else can achieve our dreams and we only need three things to do it.

  1. The will and desire to do what it takes.
  2. A teacher, coach, or mentor to help us get there.
  3. Permission.

At the time, I was the manager of a wholesale distribution warehouse. But, I saw the potential small businesses had with the power of digital marketing. I dove in head first, soaking up any and all information I could find about marketing. Lucky for me, the internet was my teacher.

Being self-taught it is also important to me to continue to inspire others to join the digital marketing industry and connect with all the great information out there made by some incredible people. For the last year I've created and curated a newsletter all about digital marketing, being a coach and a leader to other marketing professionals, and how small businesses can use these digital tools to help them grow.

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The same time as creating, curating and managing the DC Marketing Mixer newsletter, I've been focused on becoming a better leader for marketing professionals.

Being a manager is a skill and requires the same focus and attention as learning design or content. However, most of us never work on being a better leader. Management is the wrong way to look at the role. Instead, we should look to be a leader and a a coach to marketing professionals, allowing them to do their best work.

Here is a selection of the videos I've produced and have helped me become a better leader and coach for my amazing team.

A Calling

Marketing is more than just my career, it is my calling. Whether its newsletters and YouTube, or social media, I'm always finding a way to talk about it. With each tweak to an algorithm or the latest tool available on the platform, I'm dig in and find how to leverage each for layer of the funnel.

This could be using Twitter for pure top-of-funnel impressions.

Or deep-diving on LinkedIn to transition from awareness to activate prospects.

Each step in the funnel requires not only the ability to use each platforms tools to reach and an analytical approach to data. One of the hardest parts of being a marketer is trying to provide great content while also appeasing everyone asking about ROI. We know our work doesn't always have a direct route to sales, instead we're creating a journey.

Being in digital marketing isn't just a single skillset. Focusing all your effort into a single skill can work for some people, for others its okay to be good at many that when combined makes you a real powerhouse.

A constant battle in marketing departments is proving the ROI on digital. For people outside of digital marketing, specifically decision makers on Executive teams or in the C-Suite, want a direct path from digital channels to sales. This often leads to poor metric measurement and too much emphasis on last click attribution.

Any digital marketer will tell you that its a long game. There are no quick tricks or hacks. Social community building, SEO, keywording and link building all take a long time.

And that is where the fun is.

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